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Career Testing
Give your teen or young adult direction through career testing. Help your student:

» Pick career-relevant courses in middle/high school (making school more fun)
» Select a college major (avoiding wasted tuition dollars from switching repeatedly)
» Guide them in selecting suitable work experiences (i.e. part time job, volunteering)

The tools we use for career testing was created close to 30 years ago. It norms results by gender and age. We believe it is essential to look for overlap in the following areas: interests, aptitudes, and values. Objectively reviewing this intersection of attributes better equips teens and young adults to make decisions about their career and college.

Choose from testing with individualized review or group testing and review.

Two and half hours of pencil/paper testing are completed in the comforts of one’s
home or a quiet place of one’s choosing.
Within a week, the tests are due to us. We send them away for scoring.
Four weeks from the date of test submission, we meet to review the results.
This option involves consultant review and specific recommendations for careers
and/or majors.
Part one is two and a half hours of pencil/paper testing in a group setting.
(Note: Students must be available to attend both dates and times outlined in the workshop schedule.)
At the second session, the consultant will help families interpret their results and review their list of recommended careers and/or college majors.
(Note: Instead of individual review, a group of parents and students are led through the process of interpreting their own results.)
Contact us if you would like to set up group career testing for students in your organization (i.e. private school, homeschool cooperative/umbrella program, youth group, athletic team, etc.) and to inquire about pricing. We will send you information regarding our service fees.
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